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Furnished Rentals Help Soothe Job Seekers’ Stress

It’s a tough market out there, both for job seekers and those relocating for new positions. And as many potential employees and new hires alike are discovering, landing a job is only the first hurdle in this economy. The next challenge is securing housing.

A recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes that some companies and candidates are being forced to forgo job opportunities completely because of housing-related issues, from trouble selling their homes to difficulty finding appropriate digs in their new location.

To help address these issues, some forward-thinking corporations are providing new hires with up to a six-month budget for temporary furnished housing. Why are employers turning to furnished rentals to help employees with relocation? One huge reason is the cost savings.

The Los Angeles Times reports that hotel rates continue to skyrocket, with Manhattan hotels topping the list among pricey cities. According to the article, average rates for a double-occupancy hotel room in the Big Apple come close to $500 per night. Not only that, hotel fees and surcharges are sharply rising, says an MSNBC report, reaching a total combined record level of $1.8 billion in the U.S. last year.

We at Furnished Quarters have found that an average month-long stay in one of our luxury rental properties in Manhattan can save travelers close to 40 percent off of hotel prices—including greatly reduced fees and taxes compared to a hotel stay. So there’s no better way to make the most of your relocation budget.

Not only do you save more with a temporary furnished apartment over a hotel stay, but you get more, too. MSNBC reported that many of the frills that used to be associated with hotel rooms—such as free shampoo bottles and individually wrapped soaps—are going the way of the dodo.

In fact, according to the report, the Marriott hotel chain has announced that it’s even doing away with bathtubs in 75 percent of its rooms. This doesn’t work well for relocating employees with families.

When you choose a furnished rental with Furnished Quarters, you won’t have these problems. Our stylish residences come equipped with full amenities that blow the diminishing perks of hotel rooms right out of the water. Try us and see—you’ll “stay different” with us.

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