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Super Summer in the City with Short-Term Apartments

There’s nothing like summertime in Manhattan. With so much to do in the warm months of summer in New York, you’ll want to be sure you have a great place to stay.

Don’t fall back on an expensive hotel when you’re visiting The Big Apple this summer. You’ll get much more for your money—and an experience to remember—if you try temporary furnished housing instead.

Hotel rooms are not only pricey in the city, but they’re small and impersonal. Why pay an arm and a leg to stay in a single cramped hotel room when you can live like the locals do on your next trip to Manhattan?

When you choose a furnished rental, you’re choosing much more than a bed and bath. If you select a reputable furnished housing provider, you’ll have your choice from an array of attractive accommodations—from luxury high-rise apartments to elegant townhouses.

You’ll have your choice of neighborhoods, too. Whether you’re craving the excitement of Greenwich Village, the culture of the Upper West Side, the bustle of midtown, or the commerce of the financial district, you’ll be staying right where things are happening.

What’s more, if you choose wisely, you’ll have everything you need to feel like New York is your second home.

Picture an urban vacation where instead of the usual vacation hassles like arranging for transportation and finding restaurants on a budget, you’ll have full amenities and services to make your trip go smoothly. From discounted car service to fully equipped kitchens and baths, you’ll have all the comforts and conveniences of home at your disposal.

But how do you find the right temporary housing provider for your summer adventures in Manhattan? Why not go with the biggest and the best? Furnished Quarters is the largest provider of furnished rentals in New York City. We offer everything mentioned above and more.

Make this summer memorable: contact Furnished Quarters today and get started on planning your trip.

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