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United Nations Travel Calls for Temporary Housing Solutions

Whether you are an employee, diplomat, or family member associated with the United Nations (UN), staying globally mobile is often the name of the game. UN travelers, expatriates, and consultants have special duties to perform, and special requirements for temporary accommodations while representing various nations.

It’s important to work with a United Nations contract holder and provider that understands the specific needs surrounding UN housing. UN contract holder Furnished Quarters has served UN employees and their families since 1998.

As a UN contract holder and the largest provider of temporary furnished apartments in New York City, we are able to offer the following to all United Nations diplomats, employees, and their families worldwide:

·Conveniently located furnished apartments within walking distance to the United Nations

·Furnished rentals near major embassies and diplomatic missions

·Special rates and programs unmatched by hotels or other temporary housing companies

·Streamlined electronic invoicing

·Multilingual staff

·Luxury building amenities and fully equipped kitchens and baths

No matter what your UN business calls for—relocation, training and development programs, consulting, business projects, or temporary duty—Furnished Quarters offers a dedicated contact to UN affiliates to help coordinate logistics for high-quality furnished rentals.

For more information, contact Luisa Mendoza-Chavez via email at Luisa.Mendoza-Chavez@furnishedquarters.com or directly by phone at (212) 367-9400, extension 4372. You can also call toll-free at  (800) 871-3446. Our team can help you find the best accommodations to ensure a comfortable, productive, and convenient stay.

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