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Furnished Housing for Consultants

Short-term job assignments offer consultants some enviable work arrangements. When you pair flexible hours with attractive pay, it’s clear that consulting gigs can provide many advantages over traditional employment.

But one part of consulting that can be more challenging is the need for temporary relocation. As a businessperson on the road, it can be frustrating trying to find suitable accommodations that both meet your needs and fit your company’s budget.

While hotels may be plentiful, the high nightly rates of hotels—combined with cramped quarters and limited settings—are not ideal.

Yet pursuing a long-term apartment rental for more extended work assignments locks you into a contract that lacks the flexibility consultants need.

If you’re a consultant and you haven’t tried Furnished Quarters yet, you’re missing out. Furnished Quarters offers ideal arrangements for short-term projects by offering the following:

·Large inventory of temporary residences in major metropolitan areas nationally and globally

·All-inclusive, stylishly furnished, spacious apartments

·Rates that are 30-50 percent lower than the average hotel

·Business meeting centers

·Convenient locations to public transportation

·Free high-speed Internet

·Fully equipped kitchens and baths

·Perks for business travel, including special offers with ZipCar, chauffered transportation, banking services, and local restaurants

·Building amenities such as gyms, pools, and lounges

In addition to these benefits, you’ll get something even more: a home away from home. At Furnished Quarters, we pride ourselves on helping our customers live like locals during their short-term stays.

Economical, comfortable, stylish, and convenient—when you stay with us, you’ll have everything that a consultant needs for a successful trip.

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