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Taking the Stress Out of Relocation with Furnished Housing

You’ve just found out that you’ll need to relocate. Whether your move is due to business demands or personal needs, the excitement of relocation can often be lost in the stress of transition to a new city.

Yet by taking some smart steps to set yourself up in style ahead of time, you can avoid much of the pressure of moving. By taking advantage of temporary furnished housing, you and your family can enjoy a comfortable transition to a spacious apartment in your new locale.

A furnished rental can provide you with breathing room to get set up, explore your neighborhood, and coordinate logistics without feeling displaced by your move. At Furnished Quarters, we take this a step further by providing everything that those who are relocating need, including:

·Neighborhood information to start you off on the right foot, including a welcome packet, maps, and lists of nearby shops and restaurants

·A weekly newsletter of events in your area

·Full amenities—including fully equipped kitchen and bath—so that you have necessary supplies at your fingertips even while yours are in boxes

·Cleaning services and laundry facilities

· All of the comforts of home, from free high-speed Internet to cable TV and a DVD player—temporary will feel like permanent

To prove our commitment to making relocation as smooth as possible for our guests, Furnished Quarters is a long-time member of the Employee Relocation Council (ERC). Worldwide ERC is the workforce mobility association for professionals who oversee, manage, or support employee transfer, whether within the United States or abroad.

Through the ERC, Furnished Quarters has sales managers who have earned the special designation of Certified Relocation Professionals (CRPs). As such, our sales team has specific training in serving relocation needs.

To speak with one of our CRPs about how to make your relocation go more smoothly, contact Craig Partin, CRP, Vice President of Sales, (212) 367-9400 (ext. 4366), Craig.Partin@furnishedquarters.com. Use furnished housing to help get you where you’re going—with fewer hassles and more enjoyment.

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