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Giving New Meaning to Staying in Style

Want more than just a bed and bath when you’re on the road? Most people do. That’s why Furnished Quarters opted to set up an in-house Design Studio to fully furnish our temporary rental apartments.

What’s the big deal about using in-house design? It’s in the details. You won’t find a typical corporate apartment—with no personality or special touches—when you choose a Furnished Quarters rental property. Instead, you’ll find sleek, stylish apartments that look like a place you’d love to call home.

Our designers are in-tune with what modern travelers need, and how they need it.

They begin by working with the right space—much more space than you might be used to if you’re accustomed to hotel offerings. Instead of being confined to one room that’s smaller than a standard master bedroom, our designs feature fully equipped kitchen and living areas, for starters—and our studio apartments are larger as well.

With the right place to furnish, our in-house designers are free to create an unforgettable interior experience that’s unlike what you’ll find with other furnished housing providers. There will be no need to have your bed double as seating, settle for worn-out furniture, or be stuck looking at garage-sale artwork when you stay with Furnished Quarters.

Our modern furnishings provide comfortable sofas, a kitchen table big enough for guests, and attention to “the little things” like soothing artwork and décor, as well as interior design that works.

The design team pays special attention to your bedroom furnishings so that you can have the restful sleep you need after your busy day of work or play. You’ll also find incomparable in-room amenities such as flat screen TVs, free high-speed Internet, stereo systems, and more.

If you want to come “home” to an apartment of exceptional sophistication and taste that costs less than you’d pay for a standard hotel stay, then let our designers soothe your senses and set you up in style. Reach out to us today at Furnished Quarters, and let us show you a new way to stay.

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