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Your Shelter in a Storm: Furnished Housing

After a disaster, you need a helping hand. Though it may be difficult to imagine, each year thousands of people find themselves temporarily displaced due to damage to—or destruction of—their home.Whether this occurs from fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, or some other catastrophe, if you find your current residence unlivable, you may be forced to relocate.

Temporary furnished housing can offer a lifesaving solution in such circumstances. Though your home may eventually become habitable again after construction and repairs, a temporary apartment with full amenities can give you a place to regroup as you recoup your losses.

There’s nothing more important after disaster strikes than knowing you have immediate affordable housing with all the necessities in a safe and secure location.

Look Before You Leap

In the aftermath of a disaster, emotions run high. You and your family may feel tempted to jump on the first temporary apartment deal you see. Many temporary housing providers try to take advantage of this reality by looking for a fast sell.

Yet there is no time more crucial to find a reputable housing provider you can trust and rely on than when you are temporarily displaced. The last thing you need when you are recovering from a disaster is to find yourself dealing with hassles from your choice of temporary housing.

Problems with safety, security, and even basic maintenance are far less likely to occur when you rent from a top-ranked company like Furnished Quarters, which boasts a responsive staff and an extensive list of happy customers. We’re also one of the founding members of GO Furnished Housing Providers—a network of global providers of furnished rentals in cities throughout North America and the world.

In fact, Furnished Quarters offers more comprehensive disaster housing solutions than most providers by working directly with your insurance company. Our experienced team is here to assist in your transition, coordinating the payment process with your insurance company, so that you can focus on the more urgent matters at hand.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike before planning for it. When it comes to preparing for the unthinkable, a proactive approach based on “hope for the best but prepare for the worst” can make all the difference in how quickly you and your family get back on your feet. Contact Furnished Quarters today to learn more about our temporary housing solutions.

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