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Temporary Housing Fills Needs for Relocating Families

It’s happened—your family is relocating.  Whether you want to try out a new neighborhood in the same city or you are being relocated by your employer to a different state or even country, you can face many challenges.

There are several steps you can take to facilitate a smooth relocation for the whole family—particularly when it comes to the kids. One smart move is to consider corporate housing to help ease the transition to a new community and school situation.

Temporary furnished housing can provide a perfect solution for relocating families by helping to decrease the stress and complications that are often involved with a move. Furnished apartments allow families to take advantage of flexible accommodations prior to choosing a permanent residence. For example, if there’s more than one neighborhood or school district that might work for your family, you can try out different locations to find the right fit without the expense and commitment of buying a home before you’re ready.

In addition to the flexibility factor, corporate apartments and other short-term rentals offer many advantages to families on the move, including:

·A fully equipped kitchen to cook meals 

·Ample space for work and play 

·Amenities that families rely on but often don’t have available during a move, such as laundry facilities, complimentary WiFi, and separate bedrooms for the kids. If staying in an apartment building, there also may be playrooms, common areas, or a pool where the children can make friends.

Plus, because short-term rentals are fully furnished, you won’t have to worry about buying furniture until you’ve made a permanent move. You can take time to settle in and learn about your new neighborhood and schools while feeling at home.

One top provider of temporary furnished apartments is Furnished Quarters. Furnished Quarters offers a wide range of stylishly designed, corporate housing options in locations near major schools in New York City, Boston/Cambridge, Westchester, New Jersey or Connecticut. The company can also provide families with a proof of residency as required by schools.

In short, temporary furnished housing offers families the chance to get set up in style while relocating—without the usual headaches and hassles of a move. To learn more, contact Furnished Quarters at info@furnishedquarters.com

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