Top Corporate Apartment Providers Launch New Brand, "GO!"

GO Furnished Housing Providers Offers Highest Standards, One-Call Access to Best-In-Class Apartments, 35% Savings Over Standard Hotel Rates, Nationwide Reach

NEW YORK, October 27, 2010 … GO Furnished Housing Providers, the newest brand in the corporate apartments industry, has launched and will bring new standards of accommodations and service, along with national reach to corporate travel planners and relocation specialists. Eleven leading corporate apartment providers have joined together in an operational and marketing partnership that offers one-call access to the best-in-class apartments in business hubs across the US and Canada. GO, which can be accessed at www.GOFurnishedHousing.com, provides up to 35% savings over standard hotel rates. Importantly, all 11 GO members are owner-operated corporate housing companies, helping to ensure superior attention to detail and the highest quality hospitality experience.

GO's central reservations system, comprehensive website, and stringent quality controls provide convenient access to 5000 apartments in exclusive neighborhoods that capture the essence of such dynamic cities as New York, Washington, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, and Phoenix. Savings over standard hotel rates can be substantial. With GO Furnished Housing Providers, clients will be assured that their employees are comfortable, cared for, and have everything they need to accomplish a job or make a smooth transition. GO will expand next year to include exclusive accommodations in leading European, Asian, and Latin American destinations.

"Corporate apartments form a growing but underserved segment in the hospitality industry," said Gary Brown, president of Furnished Quarters, the largest provider of temporary furnished apartments in New York City, with apartments also in suburban New York and New Jersey, as well as in Boston. "Companies appreciate the convenience, cost savings, and productive atmosphere these accommodations provide."

Bob Wills, president of Murphy's Corporate Lodging in Houston, another GO member, asserts: "What has been lacking is the convenience of one-stop shopping and the kind of quality assurance that hotel brands can offer. By forming and growing our partnership, we can provide both, as well as a national reach at considerable savings over standard hotel rates."

The founding members of GO Furnished Housing Providers, all prominent entrepreneurs and operators in the field, found that their corporate clients preferred their product over other brands and often over conventional hotels. However, they needed accommodations in cities nationwide. To better serve their clients, the GO Furnished Housing Providers national partnership was formed to provide one-stop shopping and a wider reach. Clients also demanded a high and consistent standard of service that would meet both the practical and personal needs of relocating employees and participants in training programs or special assignments.

GO Furnished Housing Providers will help ensure a consistent standard of amenities and services as well as a sense of place. "Corporate apartments can vary widely and often lack individuality," noted Jack Jensky, partner with Synergy Corporate Housing in San Ramon, California. "Our apartments meet the highest standards, but they are not standardized—décor is individualized and sophisticated. Most important, guests are part of a neighborhood and experience that area not as a visitor, but as a resident." GO's customer care representatives provide in-depth information about shops, transportation, special events, sports facilities, restaurants, and much more. Customer service representatives are available around the clock.

Corporate housing is a growing segment of the lodging industry. In their own businesses, GO's principals strive to exceed the highest standards of hospitality with innovative new services, top quality accommodations, a total commitment to providing excellence in customer service, and an outstanding residential experience. GO Furnished Housing Providers raises the bar even higher. With a one-stop reservations system, standardization of service, and a nationwide reach, GO is poised to serve customers coast to coast and in Canada, and lead the corporate housing segment of the hospitality industry.

GO Furnished Housing Providers partnership includes:

GO is a national partnership of furnished housing providers with global partners in dynamic cities. Whether your clients are relocating or on a special assignment, GO provides best-in-class furnished housing in sought-after locations. Choose from an owner-managed partnership of providers that are dedicated to offering an outstanding product and experience. At GO, feel right at home—with stylish furnishings, comfortable surroundings, and everything required for living well.

For more information, call 800.679.2160, email info@GOFurnishedHousing.com or visit www.GOFurnishedHousing.com.

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